One more mile. One more goal. One more win. Every day, you push yourself forward.
You test your boundaries. You challenge your own personal best. You raise the bar a little bit higher, competing with no one but yourself. Passion for your sport drives who you are and what you do.


At Rhinob we uphold the values of…


You’re committed to being the best in your sport.
We’re committed to creating products for you that help you do just that. Everything we design is created with you, the athlete, in mind. So that your gear adapts to your lifestyle and not the other way around.


Passion is what drives every true athlete to commit to their sport. Passion knows no borders, no age, no race nor time. Passion is what drives athletes to succeed. And it’s our passion that fuels us to create the best products for you, our community of fellow athletes.

Hard work

We know you put in hours, heart, and hustle into your passion. And you want to keep pushing yourself to the next level. Our products are designed to help you stay active and agile, so you perform at your best longer.


We use the most up-to-date technology to design and produce clothing for top-performing athletes like you. We help you reach your full potential by carefully researching, creating, and curating products. We continuously look at innovating new approaches to serve you in your quest for greatness today… and for years to come.


To a better, stronger you than yesterday.

There is no shortcut to greatness. Behind every success story is an athlete who put in the hours, hustle and heart.

Everything you do revolves around how to improve your performance.

Which is why you put in the time. And you invest in the best.

We boost your performance from the bottom up.

Your gear should keep up with your drive and determination. From head to toe.

With Rhinob Pro Socks, we boost your performance from the bottom up.

We’ll admit it. Socks are not really something you think about, unless you’ve sprinted in them for 90 minutes back and forth across the pitch. With heavy cleats and tight shin guards.

By then, your whole lower body is definitely speaking to you.

And that kind of stress adds up over time.

We don’t settle for average. Neither should you.

Socks and shin guards inhibit circulation and increase the
likelihood of injury the longer they’re worn.

As athletes and innovators, we were shocked that nobody had thought to fix this problem sooner.

A football player takes an average of 15,000 steps during a match. We wanted to create something to help you compete at your best beyond the 20,000th step.

When you live, breathe, and sweat in a sport you love, you don’t settle.

So why should you settle for gear that lets you down?

We help you push harder, faster and longer.

We created Rhinob Pro Socks to help you get moving and stay moving, longer.

Rhinob founder, Carlos Barrigüete, took everything he knew from football, Crossfit, and running to create something for high-performing athletes.

He spent 2 years playing for Atletico Madrid’s football academy, and is just as passionate about fitness to this day.Carlos has brought the same drive, dedication, and discipline as an athlete to leading our company.

And that kind of stress adds up over time.

Activewear that evolves with you.

By combining quality materials and the latest technology, Rhinob Pro Socks:

  • Improves your lower body circulation.
  • Protects your shins from injuries.
  • Supports your muscles and joints.
  • Reduces your discomfort and fatigue.
  • Minimizes soreness and strain.

Rhinob use compression technology to help your body move through its natural recovery process quicker. And they protect you where you need it most.

keep you moving

Day in and day out, you push yourself to perform better. Play better. Be better.
Rhinob help you do all that and feel better, too.




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